Amazon India Upcoming Sale Dates

You have been waiting for some offers and deals to make that big purchase on Amazon? Missed the last discount sale. Fear not. There would be many more sale events throughout the year for you to take advantage of. Here are potential sale dates on Amazon India website and mobile app.

Update: Flipkart Sale is coming again from 6th December and we expect a similar sale from Amazon around the same time. Stay tuned!

Past Sale on Amazon: Great Indian Festival Sale

The Great Indian Festival Sale has begun.

  • Amazon India will run the Great Indian Festival Sale from 10th October to 15th October 2018.
  • Sale is live one day in advance for Amazon Prime members.
  • 10% instant discount cashback is also applied on top of the deal prices
  • Not just that, you can save much more cash backs on top of that.

Click here to see all details:

For People who can not wait for next sale date

For people who can’t wait until the next sale date, the Deal of the Day and Lightening Deals everyday can have a treasure to find.

Next Confirmed Sale Event on Amazon

Looking forward to December Year End Sale and New Year Sale Dates.

You can preview the sale details today at this link: Amazon Sale Preview
The Bank Offer to run during this sale is SBI (State Bank of India) and there will be 10% Instant discount using Debit card. Note, this is not a credit card offer. However, you can easily use a debit card for purchases.

Multiple sale events would potentially coincide with the week of Independence Day. We seriously feel there would be another sale event from 12th to 15th August or later. So, if you miss this freedom sale, probably you can make use of another mega sale in this month. Following are future sale dates expected from Amazon India.


  1. When is the Flipkart sale next?

  2. This time it’s SBI debit card offers and SBI debit card transactions have always been a joke.
    I just tried making a purchase and OTP is sent to my 5 year old mobile number it seems!

  3. Flipkart BigBillionDay sale is happening 10th-14th October. Amazon Great Indian sale is also at the same time of the month. Choose wisely.

  4. It has been many days since a big sale on Amazon. Wondering if u should wait for a sale or go ahead and buy now.

  5. Any sale in November December?

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