TinyOwl Offers and Coupons

If you’re ordering food online via TinyOwl, here’s how you can get Rs. 150/- off your first order.

How to get 150 OFF your TinyOwl food order

  • Make sure you install TinyOwl app using a phone number you’ve never used with TinyOwl
  • After install, proceed with selecting your location and restaurant
  • Choose the food from the menu and proceed to order
  • Use code SINI92 (that’s sini92) during checkout
  • You will see a message that you’ll get Rs.150/- cashback when your first order is delivered
  • Now pay using any payment method.

Your cashback will be added right after your first order is delivered. You can use that 150 rupees for your next order.


  1. Thanks mate. THis worked for me!

  2. Thanks but tinyowl offer is always cashback. You have to order again to use that money. Not bad though

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