Dussehra Gift Ideas

With advent of popular online shopping websites, it’s high time we list down awesome gifts ideas for your near and dear ones.

Traditional Gifts for Dussehra

Sweets, chocolatesa and dress material still remain #1 gift for festive season in India. Go ahead and order some from Amazon India, Flipkart or Jabong!

Wanna stand out from the crowd? Gift a Kindle

With Amazon now in India, a Kindle ebook reader is my first gift idea if your loved one likes to read. Best part is, it’ll let them read in the dark and remember you even with absense of internet and, electricity. Yeah, Kindle PaperWhite has got near-natural lighting that’s soothing to eyes. It’s not the back-lighting you see in mobile phones and tablets. And yes, the battery runs for weeks together.

Gift a Mobile Phone

This is a must-have and would be a very useful gift for someone who doesn’t really get a lot to spend on gadgets. Consider gifting a smart phone to someone who hasn’t changes phones since years and still using a basic model.

That BIG TV!

Ideal gift for your spouse or family. Make sure you select one larger than what you already have :)
Check for warranty information and make sure you have at least a year of free service included.

Cash can be awesome too!

Would your loved ones have appreciated some financial help? With a gift flavour? May be they would like a more useful item than what you’re planning to buy for them? Go ahead and send them a gift card, one with the auspicious festive mood. Here’re some email gift vouchers as well as paper cards in a gift box. These gift cards are very equivalent to cash and are valid for a year or so. And you can gift for any denomination, starting at Rs. 10/-
Here’s a variety of Dussehra Gift Cards.

I would have said “camera”; but camera’s are now everywhere and doesn’t make sense unless the person is too fond of photography and would love a high-end professional camera.

Don’t forget to include that extra “personal message” on Amazon. Every little thing matters!

Now, may I ask, what’s your Dussehra gift idea?

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  1. Here’s my dusherra gift idea,
    Dell is providing freebies of rs 8K//

    Keep on posting and provide any link on HD TV of range 8-9K wth diwali offer/..

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